Corded Lawn Mower Reviews

Electric lawn mowers are increasingly popular these days as more and more people tire of the mess and maintenance of a gasoline lawn mower. Battery-powered lawn mowers are very popular, though they tend to cost more, and batteries inevitably have a limited life span. Not to mention the run time is often limited to charge the battery can hold.

With a corded electric lawn mower you have the green, clean convenience of electricity, without having to worry about taking care of batteries. Though there are a few caveats to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best corded electric lawn mower for your yard.

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Voltage Translates Into Cutting Power

When it comes to corded electric lawn mowers the higher the voltage the more power it will produce when cutting the grass. If you’re looking for a mulching mower, or you have particularly thick grass, and you are comparing between two very similar lawn mowers, you will want to prioritize the one with the higher voltage.

How Big Of A Lawn Can A Corded Electric Lawn Mower Cut?

The one limitation of a corded lawn mower is its overall range. The longer an extension cord is, the less effective it becomes at delivering current from the outlet to the device. In the case of a corded electric lawn mower, the maximum range tends to be 50-feet. Switching outlets can let you cover more total square footage.

This puts the general range of a corded electric lawn mower at a lawn at around a quarter acre. Though you could expand this range depending on the various exterior outlets you have around your home and garage.

Tips For Managing The Electrical Cord

Probably the biggest complaint against corded electric lawn mowers is cord tangles and accidentally disconnecting the extension cord while you walk. It’s also not unheard of for someone to accidentally run over their own extension cord.

Of course, electric lawn mower manufacturers have caught on to this complaint. Many of the newer corded lawn mowers on the market today come with some type of cord lock system or other features that help keep the cord properly organized. This makes it easier for you to come up with a thoughtful mowing pattern that keeps the extension cord behind you and out of the way of sensitive landscaping features.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Are Affordable

Another one of the big benefits of a corded electric lawn mower is the price tag. There’s no heavy, complicated gasoline engine or lithium-ion batteries to drive up the cost. Just a straight forward electric motor that drives the blades with power directly from the extension cord.

Are Brushless Electric Motors Better?

A brushless electric lawn mower doesn’t have any internal brushes to produce the power needed to move the cutting blades. Instead, it uses a series of powerful electromagnets to propel the blade. This has several benefits. Such as:

  • Higher power
  • Less lagging in thick or moist grass
  • Less maintenance
  • Longer overall life of the electric motor
  • Very quiet
  • Less risk of overheating during a long mowing session
  • Adjusts to the conditions of the grass

The trade-off here is that with a brushless electric motor the price tag does go up, but not by much. It also makes the lawn mower significantly quieter than brushed electric motors and much quieter than even the best-engineered gasoline mowers of the same size.

Lightweight & Compact Storage

Another major advantage of corded electric lawn mowers is that they tend to be very light, and easy to store. There’s no heavy engine block like you get with a gasoline lawn mower. There’s no battery bank and other electric hardware like you run into with a battery-powered electric lawn mower. Most corded electric lawn mowers can be picked up by the average person and stored on a shelf.

Since they are inherently light, a lot of corded electric lawn mower manufacturers make models that have collapsing handles and other components. Not only does this reduce the overall size for storage, but it also means you can do things like hanging the corded lawn mower up on heavy-duty wall hooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

A corded electric lawn mower is a little straight forward in their design and use. Though there are a few special features you might see in certain models, as well as things you can do to properly maintain them.

How Long Do Corded Lawn Mowers Last?

The electric motors inside a corded lawn mower tend to last much longer than a gasoline lawn mower of the same size. You can expect five to seven years of life out of your average corded lawn mower. Brushless electric motors tend to last even longer as their electromagnetic motors produce very little friction.

Which Is Better A Corded Or Cordless Lawn Mower?

Each has its own strengths. Corded electric lawn mowers tend to have a range of only 50-feet from the nearest outlet. Though they weigh less and are more affordable. They also tend to be easy to store. A cordless battery-powered lawn mower has a greater range, which makes them a better choice for a lawn that’s larger than a quarter acre.

Is There A Way To Extend The Range Of A Corded Lawn Mower Beyond 50-feet?

Right off the bat, making the most of different electrical outlets around your property will help you maximize the total square footage that your corded lawn mower can cover. If you absolutely do need to go beyond the 50-foot range of a standard extension cord, you can step up to a commercial-grade extension cord.

They tend to have thicker gauge wires and heavy-duty coating that is meant to deliver significant current to professional power tools. While you’ll pay more for them, they can carry sufficient electric current to run most corded lawn mowers up to 100-feet.

Can I Repair A Damaged Extension Cord?

Accidental extension cord damage is one of the more common complaints associated with corded electric lawn mowers. Cords have a knack for hiding in long grass, and an accidental wrong turn can bring the blades into contact with the coated wire. You might be tempted to repair minor damage yourself, but this is seldom a safe idea.

Do Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Need A Special Outlet?

Thankfully, corded electric lawn mowers can run off any standard 110 Volt electric outlet. They don’t need the 220 Volt outlet that your electric range or dryer use. Though you still want to make sure that the outlet you are using has a third ground plug.

If it’s exposed say on the side of your garage, an outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter of GFCI is also nice. This is like a small built-in fuse or circuit breaker that disconnects the current if the outlet gets wet or a short circuit occurs at any point in the line.

What Is The Difference Between A 2-in-1 & 3-in-1 Lawn Mower?

A 2-in-1 lawn mower handles the grass clippings with side discharge as well as either bagging or mulching feature. A 3-in-1 lawn mower has both mulching and bagging options to go with the side-discharge mode.

Are Corded Electric Mulching Lawn Mowers Good?

Mulching lawn mowers essentially mince harvested grass clippings into tiny pieces that are more likely to decompose back into the layers of your turf, rather than drying out into problematic thatch. With corded electric mowers with a mulching feature, the high-powered blades mulch the harvested grass clippings more efficiently than most gasoline-powered mulching mowers. This is especially true of corded electric lawn mowers that are don’t have to worry about how much power it takes to mulch grass, as opposed to the massive drain that battery powered electric lawn mowers experience.

Are Corded Electric Baggers Good?

Bagging mowers are another great answer to preventing the problem of thatch buildup. Rather than discharging harvested grass clippings out the side, they collect them in a cloth or hard-plastic collection bin. You can then add the grass clippings to your garden or compost pile.

One thing to keep in mind with lightweight corded electric lawn mowers is that larger baggers can get so full that they put extra drag on the rear of the mower itself. This is less likely to be an issue with a mower that has large rear wheels or a self-propulsion system. If you’ve got thick grass and you want a bagger, you might want to make those features a priority.

Do I Need To Replace Or Sharpen Corded Electric Lawn Mower Blades?

There are a lot of people who like to sharpen their own lawn mower blades to maximize their life and cutting performance. Especially if you have a bad habit of accidentally running over a stray stick or you ping into an unforeseen rock.

Though the lightweight design of corded electric lawn mowers also means that manufacturers try to save weight with thin or light blades. This means they are a little more prone to getting damaged by unforeseen lawn debris. So, it’s a good idea to purchase a second set of cutting blades with the corded lawn mower. That way if they do take a hit from a rock or a stick, you can opt to simply replace them rather than trying to finely tune them with a mill file.

Popular Corded Electric Lawn Mower Manufacturers

Electric motors are so easy to make, and manufacturing efficiency has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. This means that lawn mower manufacturers of nearly every imaginable stripe have tossed their hat into the ring to come up with options for suburban homeowners to keep their lawn neatly manicured. It also makes for a crowded field of options for you to choose from. The following are some of the industry leaders in the corded electric lawn mower niche.

Black & Decker

Original a power tool and home appliance brand name, Black & Decker has evolved over the years to include some quality corded electric lawn mowers. This is a great entry-level lawn care option, as you get the kind of affordable price tag offered by a large manufacturer, yet you still get the quality you need to feel like you’re getting a solid return on your investment.

If there’s a complaint to pick on in the Black & Decker electric lawn mower line up, it’s the sparse warranty coverage. A lot of the closest competitors offer better warranty coverage for a similar unit. Though there are a lot of online retailers and box hardware stores that offer very affordable protection plans.


Earthwise is an ecologically conscious brand with roots that run deep in the American marketplace. While they made their name in manual reel mowers, they’ve expanded into the corded electric lawn more niche with fervor. Many of their models have very friendly price tags, a reputation for quality, and good warranty coverage.


Ego and Greenworks have a lot in common, to the point where some people believe they are the same brand. Though they are indeed separate electric lawn mower manufacturers. Ego tends to come with a slightly higher price tag throughout their line. They also tend to back their corded electric lawn mowers with superior warranty protection.


Greenworks is an industry leader in both corded electric and cordless battery-powered lawn mowers. They have an extensive line of electric lawn equipment tools. They also focus on providing their customers with friendly price points.

A lot of their corded electric lawn mowers have special features for safety as well as compact size for easy storage. This makes Greenworks a great option for homes with limited storage space in the garage or tool shed.

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Ryobi is another electric appliance company that has evolved its line beyond high-quality power tools into the corded electric lawn mower niche. There’s a lot of thoughtful engineering and build quality throughout their lawn mower line. This is especially true of their entry-level corded electric lawn mowers, which is a niche where some other manufacturer’s cut corners. Though the higher-end of their electric lawn mower line is especially robust and are often backed by great warranty protection programs.


Contrary to popular opinion Worx is not an affiliate of Greenworks. They are their own brand with their own brand identity positioned to appeal to both professional and residential users. This includes power tools, electric hand tools, and electric lawn equipment.

They have a reputation for making heavy-duty tools and electric lawn mowers at relatively affordable prices. Though their warranty programs are sometimes a little sparse at lower price points. If you’re not completely satisfied with the warranty offered on a particular Worx model, a lot of online retailers offer very affordable additional protection plans.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is a somewhat new manufacturer of electric lawn mowers. They offer nice price points, though some people complain about the material build quality at the lower end of their line. This is often related to the high volume of plastic parts. The higher end of their line tends to carry better warranty protection, which also speaks to their increased focus on build quality. They are a great entry-level corded electric lawn mower. If you’re not on a tight budget, you should consider stepping up to the higher end of their line.


There are a lot of great corded electric lawn mowers on the market today. Brushless models with their silent running and high performance are certainly appealing as they continue to flood the market with innovation. Though they do tend to come with a slightly higher price tag. If your budget is a little tight and you can save a little money by going with a more traditional electric corded lawn mower with brushes in the electric motor. Though it will be a little louder.

Also take voltage into account when you are looking for the right electric motor. The higher the voltage rating for the corded electric lawn mower the higher the performance. This is especially important if you’re looking for a mulching lawn mower.

Once you have all these important factors taken into account, it should help you really narrow the field down to a handful of manufacturers and models. At that point, you can compare apples to apples to find the best corded electric lawn mower for your lawn.

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